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hazel coppice

The message
of the great trees
is communicated from within
and by means of
their great silence.

If you have a wish
To communicate with
The spirits of trees
Then go with a willing

Take time
Just to be
In the presence
And receive packets of information
For later unravelling and


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Advice from the Lime Grove.

It is important when working with trees and tree spirits that knowledge is not important.

What is important is: knowing how to listen to silence, how to be quiet and listen.

All processes and techniques will only be effective to the degree by which they lead the person to a state of silent receptivity.

If you feel ignorant or clumsy in front of a tree, just relax and listen.

No ‘doing things’ in a certain way, nor following this or that tradition, will create a useful link if there is no silence.

Trees communicate by shaping silence. Listen to the shape of silence. Sometimes it will shape into ideas and words, sometimes feelings, sometimes none of these things. Silence is potential. Knowledge already limits itself by making boundaries and definitions.

Trees do not come from this or that tradition, with this or that knowledge. There is not a hierarchy made up of those who know more and those who know less. There is no intellectual one-upmanship, elitism or doubt. Being a tree is sufficient.

If you just become a human being, that is enough. Silence shared is a flow of union. Wisdom filters down from silence, gradually taking form, translating into words and ideas.

But the words are not wisdom – simply the effects of wisdom upon the thinking mind. They show the touch of wisdom but not necessarily that wisdom is still in residence.

Only by revisiting silence and the shaping silence of trees can wisdom be encouraged to accumulate and become clear.

Naked emptiness with no edges.

Simple being with no motive.

Open mind with no thought.

Standing in front of a tree that is standing in front of a human.

Both are silent above the noise.

Nothing else is needed.

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There is a manifestation of Lord Shiva, known as Dakshinamurti. He is represented s a radiant youth, sitting silently on the ground with long, flowing hair. His teaching is given in silence, within which all knowledge and all creation exists. Words are simply a commentary on the nature of this Eternal Silence. Dakshinamurti is the mountain, and he is the tree. The tree is the centre of Silence. All Tree Spirit Healing is a set of creative techniques to attain this central Silence, or Harmonic Balance. All actions, a means to attain stillness. All words, a means to settle into presence. A few years back I created an image attempting to recreate the energy of Dakshinamurti, combining it with the concept of the  Seated Horned God – on of the earliest prototypes of Rudra, (the red one), who later took form as Shiva as the Hindu pantheon evolved. This image -a human crowned with a stag’s antlers – is found in the Celtic lands, and seems like Rudra and Shiva to be associated with Pushapati, Lord of Wild Animals, and therefore with Lord of the Wild Forest, home of the deepest of sentient silences……


Moving without moving (anywhere).

Seeing without seeing (labelling, storytelling).

Hearing without hearing (distinguishing).

Tasting without tasting (difference).

Feeling without flinching.

Breathing without movement of air.

Thinking without thought.

Living without limits.

Being without space and time.



Silence is Consciousness.

What we get from the presence of trees is stillness and silence. Out of habit we move and make noise. If we do not like something we run away from it. If we like something we run towards it. So silence and stillness can feel like a lack, like a nothing. We feel worthy when we are doing something. We feel helpless when we do nothing. When we get absorbed into the ‘doing nothing’ of a tree’s energy we soon find out that within the “nothing happening” something is going on. There is a bright interweaving of silence, an awareness, consciousness. This consciousness is not doing anything. It is consciousness by itself. Finding silence is finding consciousness (rather than the manifest activity and noise and movement that grows out of silence/consciousness). Sound and silence – one is not the opposite of the other. One is the expression of the other. Movement and stillness – one is not antagonistic to the other. One is found within the other. Being a tree and not being a tree: both are based in the same silence of consciousness.



Dancing Around.

Dancing around the tree

How do we find the real tree?

By forgetting we are human

By forgetting the tree is a tree

By forgetting to make differences.

By dancing the dance of the tree

The tree disappears

The human disappears

The dance disappears.

Silence looks on.

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