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What is a Tree?

What is a tree? Is it the root, invisible and gigantic beneath the ground? Is it the trunk and branches? Is it the leaves, the fruit, the flowers? Is it the wind that moves the leaves, evaporates and moves the water, that carries and fertilises the seed?

Where does a tree begin and where does it end? What moves through it belongs to it – courses through every cell, acts on every membrane. What enters the tree becomes the tree.

We are not distinct from the water in our cells,the minerals in our bones, and the same is true of the tree.

The edges of things begin to blur when we start to become as quiet and attentive as a tree. The human being grows tendrils and leaves, the tree looks back with silent eyes.

This is the beginning of Tree Spirit Healing: knowing that the boundaries between this and that are only of use if we can forget them when the need arises. Boundaries are safety nets, but they can also become prisons / poisons.


Only Human Beings

As human beings we are truly ‘only human beings’ with the perspective and patterning of human beings. We know less than we believe we know because we tend to cling to the facts that we have chosen to accept whilst rejecting everything else.

‘Only human beings’ reminds us of our intellectual and body limits. However, ‘only human beings’ also means that we must remember that, in the same way a tree is made up of stone, water, air and sun, all held together in the pattern we define as “tree”, so we, as human beings, are also part of the contigious, continual, seamless flow of energy that moves through the universe.

‘Only human beings’ means that we should remember not to take our own sense of importance too seriously. On the other hand, we should remember that we are not apart from, but instead, we are part of, creation.

“Tree” is a dance of the Elements.

“Man” is a dance of the Elements.

“Spirit” is a dance of the Elements.


This is the Tree Spirit Key of crack willow, fire that inhabits the boundary of water and land.


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